Parser Parer

Generate Inform 7 code to limit the player's actions.

Parer last updated: May 2016.   ~   For background, see Sam Kabo Ashwell's post on Narrow Parsers.

How to generate the code:

  1. In the My code should... box, select what kind of code you'd like.
  2. Check the checkboxes of the actions you'd like code for.
  3. At the bottom of the form, click the Generate Code button.
  4. Click the Select Code button to highlight the code for copying.
(You can also click an action name or its + symbol to see the associated commands. This is only for reference. It does not affect the code.)

My code should...

not recognize the chosen actions. ("Understand nothing as" the action.)

assign a kind to the chosen actions. (The action "is .")

Jump to the end of the form.

Standard actions concerning the actor's possessions

Standard actions which move the actor

Standard actions concerning the actor's vision

Standard actions which change the state of things

Standard actions concerning other people

Standard actions which are checked but then do nothing unless rules intervene

Standard actions which always do nothing unless rules intervene

Standard actions which happen out of world

*Disabling these actions may upset players. Disabling "requesting the story file version" may also violate Inform's license requirements.

Jump to the top of the form.

Each time you generate code, any existing code below will be replaced with new code. Select code will highlight it. Then you can copy it with Ctrl C.